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Control Solutions

Control Solutions

Implement customized industrial control systems with premium levels of quality and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Control is at the heart of your plant and represents the most important point of contact with your customers. Impress your customers with a unique look and feel and premium quality. Your customers will welcome a robust and reliable control system that is easy to use and that provides the key information quickly and simply at a glance.

Your key to success

The SMARTcontrol system kit – state-of-the-art technology for your top-quality, customized control system. Benefit from our technological advances and a collaborative partnership. By working together, we can achieve success and secure our long-term future!

SMARTcontrol – your tailored plant control system

There are plenty of standardized control systems, but where can you find individuality, high recognition value, and a unique edge? Set your company apart from the competition with a control system that is perfectly tailored to your requirements and that reflects your unique corporate image.

"Isn't that all in contradiction with the costs?" No, because your individual solution is based on the SMARTcontrol system kit and therefore combines individuality, quality, and cost-effectiveness: all criteria for success.

The SMARTcontrol kit makes it possible for all of the components to be tailored to your requirements. You decide whether you simply want to provide a standard control system with your branding or whether you want to perform up to 100% customization according to your specifications. You are free to determine the extent of customization.