SMARTcontrol IPC - Professional Industrial Computers



Universal Industrial PCs for Rough Industrial Environments


  • Casing made of stainless steel IP69K

  • 5 mm laminated safety glass

  • Projected capacitive touchscreen technology

  • 7", 12" and 15" Display

  • Open PC architecture


Area of use

The SMARTcontrol products in IP69K housing are developed for use in the harshest of environments. These solutions are used all over the world with our SMARTcontrol systems, for example in food technology, chemical industries, seafaring (maritime applications), security and defense as well as inagricultural technology.

The premium stainless steel and glass fronts not only look great, but are also resistant to mud and debris, strong forces, aggressive cleaning agents and pressure cleaner jets (up to 1740 psi). Our touch panels are based on projected capacitive touchscreens.


Due to the flexibility of our manufacturing, we are in a position to take individual customer requests into account. From printed glass coverings and specific computer configurations to individually designed user interfaces – we can fulfill your requests. Talk to us! Cost-effective, innovative, and reliable

Isn't that all in contradiction with the costs?

No, because your individual solution is based on the SMARTcontrol system kit and therefore combines individuality, quality, and cost-effectiveness: all criteria for success.

The SMARTcontrol kit consists of innovative hardware and software modules for the area of measuring, control, and regulation technology. We have been using these elements for years and, with these, are able to offer cost-effective, reliable solutions, even for small and mid-sized quantities.

Challenge us!


Outstanding Features


Our SMARTcontrol Touch Panels run Windows Embedded and are therefore a perfect fit for industrial applications. Of course you can run other Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as any Linux distribution. After a power outagethe system will reboot without any errors once the power supply is restored. 

The glass front of the touch panel is made of premium 5 mm laminated safety glass. In case of a forceful impact there will be no splinters to contaminate your product. In combination with the casing made of stainless steel it is possible for you to clean your industrial systems with aggressive cleaning agents and pressure cleaner jets. Thus the touch panel is protected according to IP69K on the front side against water intruding from the front even at high pressure up to 1740 psi). On the backside the touch panel is protected against jet water from all directions according to IP65. In addition to that complete protection against contact and ingress of dust is provided at all sides of the touch panel.

We were the first manufacturer to produce industrial panels implementing projected capacitive touch technology (PCT). Today PCT touch panels are state of the art and are characterized by a great resistance. Because the touch sensor is placed behind 5 mm robust laminated safety glass it is possible for our touch panels to be operated by sharp objects such as chain gloves. In contrast to that, resistive touchscreens have the touch sensor placed before the glass which results in the sensor to be vulnerable. If they were operated by chain gloves a damage of the sensor in no time would be inevitable. With our PCT technology it doesn't matter whether you wear gloves or not when operating the panel: Highly precise handling is always guaranteed.

Our TFT screen excels with brightness levels up to 500 cd/m² and thus can be used even in bright surroundings. Another advantage of the LED backlight is its outstanding life time. With a 160° viewing angle (H/V) and a very high contrast ratio of 700:1 good readability is ensured also under difficult circumstances.

The operating system and applications of your choice are stored on a solid state disk (SSD) with no rotating parts. For you, this means high performance and high data security. The cooling of the SMARTcontrol products is passive so there are no rotating parts whatsoever. Therefore our SMARTcontrol products are protected against shocks and vibrations in the best possible way which means high reliability for your industrial systems.


Your Benefit

  • Broadly used in foods, medicine, chemistry, mechanical engineering, defense and security and more
  • Monitoring and configuration of facilities from a central position
  • Simple integration of external sources and facilities, easy adjustments to your needs
  • Outstanding design in glass / stainless steel technology
  • Individual approach to customers by custom glass color and imprint
  • Robust design for use in harsh environment (IP69K)
  • Laminated safety glass prevents injuries and contamination (splinters) when damaged
  • Can be operated with or without gloves
  • Simple and precise handling by projected capacitive touchscreens
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet by noiseless cooling
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Front panel can be mounted without screws
  • Easy integration of external sources and facilities
  • Simple adjustment to your field of use
  • Future-proof technology 

Technical specifications

  • V2A stainless steel casing
  • PC mainboard with Intel Atom N2600 1,60 GHz (Atom N2800 1,86 GHz optional)
  • 2 GB of memory(4 GB optional)
  • SSD storage (4- 128 GB)
  • Ethernet (10, 100, 1000), USB 2.0
  • Windows, Windows Embedded or Linux 
  • Watchdog timer programable (1 - 255 s)
  • Standard 24V DC input
  • Ambient temperature 0 – 50 °C
  • 7, 12 or 15 inch display with PCT Controller (Projektive Capacitive Touch)
  • 5 mm laminated safety glass
  • 5 poiunt projected capacitive touch screen
  • Brightness 500 cd/m²
  • Contrast 700:1
  • Viewing angle (H/V) 160°/160°
  • 262K Farben
  • LED backlight


Download the product information of the SMARTcontrol IPC here.